Quietly Observing

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I am a whole bundle of emotions. This year I get to join the club and be celebrated on Mother’s Day. I have always loved Mother’s Day because I love my mom. I think each year I love my mom more and more. Growing up as a little girl and still to this day I constantly watch my mom. Just by watching my mom simply be herself I saw kindness, a whole lot of selflessness, comfort and love. 
Since becoming a mom to a sweet little girl my eyes have been opened and I’ve realized that she is watching my every move. Now, I don’t want to put on some sort of show for my daughter, I want her to see the real me, but I’ve also learned that I want to be the best and healthiest version of myself for her. I also know my little one is her own individual and created with her own purpose, but I believe leading by the example that God has placed on my heart as her mom will mold her into the person He has created her to be. 
Here are a few things I’d love for her to observe: 

  1. Grace: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it until the end of time. I need grace and I need a lot of it. I never fully understood grace for quite sometime, but once I did my view on things changed. I want her to see me give grace and accept grace in the midst of my failures and shortcomings. 
  2.  Jesus: In the midst of those failures and shortcomings I want her to see my desperate need for Jesus and his compassion. 
  3.  Kindness: Growing up I watched my mom show kindness every where she went. She shows kindness to people she has known for years and that same kindness to the cashier at the grocery store. I want my daughter to see that type of kindness so that she then embodies it. 
  4. Worth: I’m a huge believer in worth. I believe you have worth no matter your size, shape, weight, height, hair color, degree, no-degree, etc.. You have worth because you are simply made in the image of God. I want her to see people’s heart. 
  5. A love for the little things: Whether it is baking cookies, snuggling with cozy blankets, having tea parties, buying flowers or reading a book I want my sweet girl to fall in love with all the little things around her and feel a sense of joy and contentment in her.

“One of your greatest contributions to the kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise.” 

Stay tuned for a Mother’s Day interview from an amazing first time mom and how she is experiencing motherhood! 


  1. Linda Losik

    Happy 1 St Mother’s Day!
    You are blessed with a wonderful mother , and so is your daughter.

  1. Jayni

    Thank you, Linda! Happy Mothers Day to you!