Mother’s Day Interview 

Mother’s Day is a little different this year in the way that I am now a mom! Becoming a mom has been the most rewarding role! Being a new mom I have definitely needed support from friends to listen to me, give me advice and pray for me during this new season! 

One amazing thing this year is having one of my best friends become a mom just a few short months after I did! Beth is an amazing wife, mom, friend and lover of Jesus. Beth has been a support since the day I found out I was pregnant and has loved my Jae ever since that day. I truly believe the best kind of friend is a praying friend and that is what Beth is. She has been praying for my girl and I everywhere from when my water broke to late night fevers and for my girl to know Jesus. I’m convinced Beth’s heart is made of pure gold and her spirit makes you want to be a better person.

In honor of Mother’s Day I wanted to put the spotlight on Beth and give everyone a look into another new moms experience by doing a little question and answer with her. Thank you, Beth, I am blessed to have you! 

Q: First tell us a little about your sweet family. 

A: Our little family is made up of my husband, Andrew, our new little man, Noah and myself. We have just moved into a new home and are building our family day by day!

Q: What has been the most rewarding moment of motherhood so far? Is it one moment that sticks out to you or a collections of little moments?

A: I have two most rewarding moments of motherhood that stick out. The first would be the first time Noah looked at me and smiled. It felt as if he finally said “Hey, I know you and how much you love me and what you are doing for me.” I was overwhelmed! The second would be when my husband walked in on Noah and I in his room reading Noah’s ark. He got very emotional and said he was so grateful Noah had a mommy that wanted to lead him in the right direction. It was so sweet to hear! 

Q:What has been the scariest moment of motherhood so far? 

A: The scariest moment of motherhood was driving Noah home from the hospital realizing we had a real, live human to be responsible for his entire life. There was no break or really no end in sight. This was exciting but completely scary! How were we suppose to protect him from this crazy world? (A question I still ask myself every day!) 

Q:Do you view the world a little differently now since having Noah? 

A: I view the world in an entirely new perspective now that Noah has arrived. Things that mattered before, just don’t anymore, such as, the gossip, the pettiness, the ugliness of the world. Now I try and see the beauty, the miracles that take place such as childbirth, seeing the world through the eyes of my little one who has never seen the world before, with such innocence and curiosity. 

Q:What is something you want your child to grow up knowing? 

A: I want my child to grow up know how loved he is, first and foremost by the one who gave His son for him, and by his family and friends. I want him to be kind and gentle in a sometimes cruel world. 

Q: What verse do you pray over your baby?
A:I pray Jeremiah 29:11 over Noah. That he will follow God’s will in his life, because it is so much more than I could imagine or mold. I pray he follows Christ and is a warrior in his faith. 

Q: What’s your go to baby product? 

A:My go to baby product is coconut oil – is that a baby product? I am not sure but I put it on everything- clears his skin and diaper rash almost immediately and I love knowing it’s all natural! 

Q: Can you give any other moms out there who have a husband that has to travel for work any advice? 

A: Having a husband that travels is rough. The 3:00 a.m. feedings come and I have no one to help rock Noah back to sleep. But, I also take that time to really spend quality time with Noah, letting him know daddy is out working hard to support us so we can live in a comfortable home and what a blessing that is. It’s all about perspective and realizing what we have instead of complaining about what we may not have. 

Q: How’s your heart feel? 

A: My heart is overflowing. I feel everything so much more now. I feel pain when Noah cries, I feel happiness when he discovers, I feel joy with the amount of love I never knew was possible. I always say Noah isn’t mine, he is God’s child, God just chose me to be able to raise him and I am so incredibly grateful He chose me for this task and I plan to take it very seriously (with lots of laughs along the way!) 

I told you her heart is pure gold! Hopefully we can have more Beth posts! We also may be planning an arranged marriage between her son and my daughter. I have no shame! Happy Mother’s Day! 

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