10 Things I’ve Learned from my Mom

Happy birthday to the most amazing woman I know, my mom.

I have been truly blessed to be raised by such an amazing woman. She has the kindest, sweetest and most selfless spirit of anyone I know.


One thing I love the most is when people ask “are you Janet’s daughter?” once I respond “yes” they always tell me what an amazing lady she is and I can’t help but to agree 110%. I’ve even had multiple cashiers at a grocery store who have had contact with her ask if she’s mom my and tell me how sweet she is. She makes people feel special no matter who they are.

The older I get, the more I love my mom and the more I realize all the things she’s taught me. A lot of the things shes taught me is just her being, her. She is the most amazing example of a hard working woman, devoted wife and loving, supportive mother. My mom always made me feel loved growing up. She worked all day and came home to cook amazing meals for us, take us to our activities, and have a clean, cozy and peaceful home. And the one amazing thing is she never complained about any of her duties or responsibilities.


To celebrate her I want to share ten things my mom has taught me. With my time to become a mom so quickly approaching I can’t help but want to teach these things to my sweet girl.

  1. Jesus loves me- she always lets me know I am safe with Him and that Angels are always with me.
  2. Put your relationship with your husband first- my mom and dad have had an amazing relationship. They always value their relationship so much, making sure they had date nights without the kids and their own relationship outside of us. Because they put their relationship first they are always a team.
  3. Be giving to those in need- when a family is going through something, whether they just lost a loved one, had surgery or facing a difficult time, my mom is the first one to make a meal and help in any way she sees fitting.
  4. Always straighten up the living room before going to bed- it really does start your day off differently. When I make sure my living room is cleaned up for the next day I’m not stressed about a messy house. This doesn’t mean you have to break out the cleaning gloves and dust the whole house before bed, just a simple fluff of the pillows and folding the blankets will do the trick.
  5. Take a hostess a gift- when having dinner with friends, being an overnight guest or being given a celebratory shower she always has a small gift for the hostess to show her appreciation. A gift as small as a candle or new bottle of lotion could mean a lot to a person.
  6. Work while you’re at work- since I’ve started teaching my mom reminds me to work as hard as I can in the 8 hours I’m at work. Once those hours are done, leave it all there and go home to love your family. She always did an amazing job at this and it paid off for her husband and kids. Leaving work at work, she was fully present at home.
  7. When making cookies- always, always, always use parchment paper. It’s magical advice, take it.
  8. Take one day at a time- this covered so many aspect of life. Whether it was in school, work or anytime we were facing a challenge she always took one situation at a time and never showed signs of being overwhelmed. She also says a bubble bath can fix a lot of worries.
  9. Take care of yourself- my mom shows me how important it is to take care of your health. Taking care of yourself can make so many aspects of your life better. She spins every day, eats healthy and gets a good night rest.
  10. Be happy- I’m so thankful I learned this at a young age. She always stressed to make the best out of every situation and to smile, no matter if I was 5 or 25. Smiling always makes things easier, try it!

Growing up and all the way into college I was always somewhat of a homebody (a pretty big homebody if were being honest here). I believe I loved being at home because my mom made it such a loving place! With all of that said, happy birthday to a lady that is everything I ever hope to be. You’ve taught me so much just by being yourself. Love you Mama!




  1. Janet

    I am truly blessed to have you as my daughter!!!!

  • Rose West

    Wow! What an amazing mom you have. If I only had half of the love your mom has for you from mine my life would have been so much different.