Sunday Strength

Sunday’s can be such a great day. Relaxing, peaceful, calming and ready to take on the week. Or, they can be completely overwhelming, and filled with intimidating thoughts of how to get everything checked off your to-do list for the busy week. I know my upcoming week is going to be a busy one, so my Sunday immediately started off with …

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The Comfort of Cookies

I’m a pretty easy person to please. I get excited about the little things in life. One of those things just so happens to be chocolate chip cookies. I love everything about the process of making chocolate chip cookies. I love strolling through the store to get the ingredients, mixing it together, the smell that fills the house and the smile on …

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Meet Indy

Meet Indy. He is our 5 year old, 95 pound Golden Retriever and every bit of him is pure happiness. He has many faces and 99.9% of them include a smile. I got Indy when I was 20 years with my family. Once Jake and I moved, my sweet parents drove him to come live with us. Did I mention …

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