Sunday Strength: Praying Into the New Year

But God has surely listened and He has heard my prayer.-Psalm 66:19

Happy Sunday! It’s actually Sunday night, closer to Monday and I’m sitting here looking at my calendar realizing we only have four more Sundays until the new year! This time of the year is always so busy with presents to wrap, cookies to bake, trees to decorate and gifts to deliver, that those four weeks can seem to fly by.

Most years, I’m guilty of letting this time fly by and going through life really rushed. I’m back to work now, so I spend my daytime working then come home to my family, do all the holiday must haves and by the time I get to bed, I’m asleep when my head hits the pillow. I really like having a quiet time before bed, a time of prayer, maybe some journaling or reading my devotionals and so often during this time of the year I run around too much and this quiet time gets pushed aside and I end up asleep before I can even start. When my quiet time gets pushed aside, I get so caught up in making the holidays perfect, and I simply lose sight of what this season is all about.

This year, I don’t want to get overwhelmed with the busyness of the season, but make sure I take the time to center myself and enjoy my quiet moments. This year I’ve decided to make a list of everyday until the new year and each day have something specific to pray for. I’ve done things like this before, and it’s a great way to stay accountable with prayer and make time for the quiet time we all need during this season to refresh our souls.

I truly believe the power of prayer is incredible. I believe when we come together and pray. the Lord is there. I believe if we have a mustard seed of faith mountains will be moved. Let’s make sure that our holiday season isn’t overtaken by some of the overwhelming tasks we make for ourselves, but rather feel joy and peace during this season and be full of Gods love!

I’ve made a prayer list for you that has all the dates listed from now until New Years. Take a little time and fill in what you want to devote to praying for each day. You can download it here to fill out: Praying Into The New Year You can print it and carry it with you, or even do it on your phone.

Here’s some ideas: Your husband, your wife, your kids to follow Jesus, gentleness, health, your struggles, blessings for 2017..anything that is on your heart! Let me know if you join in on praying through the holidays and if making a list helps you make sure you get that quiet time throughout your day!

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