Organization and Grace 

Organization and grace is something I always need!  Sometimes I joke around and tell people if my head wasn’t attached to my body I would forget that too. I tend to be very forgetful, and I don’t mean to, I just often times feel foggy and concentrate on one thing while forgetting the other. I often go too fast, rush around and don’t give myself enough time to be organized with my thoughts. For example, going to the grocery store I’ll make a whole grocery list, grab my purse and keys, and forget all about my list until I’m at the store. Meanwhile my list is at home on the counter. Now, with being a mom, I’ve got a whole lot more to remember; diapers, wipes, bottles, water, formula, extra clothes, paci, blanket…. I mean the other day I forgot a paci and had to use a nipple of a bottle instead, then I just had to laugh and give myself grace.

One thing I do love to do is to make lists. I should do it more often, but once again I just get going too fast. Instead of sitting down, quieting myself and making out a list I rush out the door and say, “I remember everything I need to!” Yep. Never works. I forget. I also seem to create a weekly dinner menu in my head and when it gets down to meal time, it usually gets tossed aside or I don’t follow through which leads to more unorganized nights and more money spent out or at the grocery store.

I’ve decided if I want to start writing things out more, planning, and feeling less foggy, I need to do it on something pretty. I’ve created some documents you can also print if you are looking to slow down, feel organized and get things done. I’ve included a weekly to-do list and weekly dinner menu. I’ve also included a new prayer list for praying through the month to continue my “praying through the holidays” post, hoping it will continue to bless you and keep you praying big prayers!

I hope these can help you if you’re anything like me or just feel like you have tons going on. Going into this I know I need to be organized, but I am also telling myself to give myself a lot of grace. Life is busy and we’re trying our best to check off the to-do list, but I also want on my to-do list to slow down. If something doesn’t get done, try again tomorrow. We can try our best to complete our daily task, but ultimately we need to lean on Jesus to give us the strength we need! He understands our heart and our intentions. He sees how hard we try and he wants us to also rest and rest completely in Him.

So, while trying to have your ducks in a row, also take time for yourself and for your family. If we continue to just live for the check mark on our to-do list we will wear ourselves down. So on the to-do list I’ve created, there’s a box to write what you did for yourself each day, whether it’s snuggling with your kids, taking a bath, going for a walk with your family, watching your favorite show or having your own quiet time, it’s all important to keep your mind and soul healthy and check off that to-do list.

I hope these are helpful for you! Also, more coming soon and not so long between posts I hope!

Dinner Menu | To Do List | Prayer List

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