5 Ways to Have Fun With Your Spouse

Two years ago today I married the sweetest thing my heart has ever known. That day, I by far made the best commitment of my life! I have loved every bit of these past two years. The Lord truly answered my prayers providing me with such an amazing husband. On my first date with my husband he told me he wanted someone who liked to have fun. For the past two years of marriage we have had so much fun, my husband is constantly making me laugh. Even if the midst of stressful situations, such as unexpected bills, hospital visits, bad work days, new job changes, disappointments and all the things life throws at us we really try to make the best out of every situation. Each day when we go to work we remind each other to make the best of our day!

Whenever someone gets married now I tell them it is the best decision they will ever make. I know all marriages are different, but for me, marriage really was the best decision I ever made. I continually have a partner who is cheering me on and facing the challenges of life right next to me. Not two steps in front of me or two steps behind, but doing life right next to me.

Now, I’m no expert in marriage, and this isn’t a “my marriage is better than yours” post. I know people have other opinions and other ways of doing things but my husband and I have a whole lot of fun and enjoy our contentment. So in honor of our two year anniversary I wanted to share 5 things with you that we do to have fun in our marriage that might bring you some joy!

5 Ways to Have Fun With Your Spouse:

  1. LAUGH A LOT- Life can be really hard and being an adult can be stressful. So, we might as well laugh throughout the day. Whether were giggling through our mistakes and stumbles or just making each other laugh, a simple “santa laugh” will brighten our day. Sometimes, we aren’t laughing in the middle of those trip ups, for example when we missed our flight to see our families on Christmas, I cried for about two days straight. 1496666_10152079971049235_1899377965_n-3But now it is a laughing subject and we learned to always double check our flight information! Even in the midst of us spending Christmas without our families we managed to have a really fun two weeks together, exploring our new home and creating our own memories out of the mess. Laugh every single day with your spouse, it will just make you feel good! And when life is a mess, try to laugh, and if you can’t, make the best out of each day and that laughter will soon follow.
  2. MAKE YOUR OWN TRADITIONS- I always loved the traditions growing up and now I believe marriages need traditions too. Traditions make me feel safe and give me something to really look forward to. There are so many different types of traditions from the daily to holiday traditions. One of our first traditions together was playing the claw machine. Yep, you read that right, the claw machine, like you see in the grocery stores on the way out. When we were dating, anytime we saw a claw machine we would play. Now we try not to throw away our money into that rigged system, but, every now and then it sure is fun to just be a kid and try to win that silly stuffed animal! We loved it so much it was a part of our engagement that you can watch here. Another tradition I love is one of our Christmas traditions. A few days before Christmas we pick an evening to have a Home Alone night. My husband knew I loved this movie so we make a whole night out of it. I make dinner, hot chocolate, Christmas cookies and we watch my favorite Christmas movie. Simple daily traditions are so much fun too. I know it is something I can count on everyday. For us we love watching Jimmy Fallon every night. It is a simple tradition and yet so hilarious, that it just makes us laugh even more! Traditions don’t have to mean you break out all the pots and pans and cook a feast, they can be as simple as The Tonight Show! It’s so special to create little traditions between you and your spouse.
  3. FIND A HOBBY TOGETHER- Before I met my husband I really didn’t know too much about sports, but he loves sports. I knew this was something important to him so I tried my best to learn and follow the teams he roots for. As of today, I can name the whole Chicago Cubs and Golden State Warriors rosters. I think I’ve become a little more obsessed with Golden State than he is! Now that I can somewhat follow this hobby (I’m still working on football, but at least I know a touchdown is worth 6 points) we spend lots of our time watching games together, updating each other from Team Stream notifications and going to different sporting events. Doing hobbies together is so much fun and gives you another connection!
  4. GIVE EACH OTHER GRACE- A Christ like love is a love that always acts in the better interest of another. Grace is such a beautiful thing. I need grace and I need a lot of it. If I want to imitate the gracious type of love Christ has given to me, I need to give out grace freely. I mess up daily and Christ doesn’t hold it over my head, so why should I do that to my husband? I believe all that would do is suck the life out of us, bringing up failures will constantly harden a relationship. We’ve found that giving grace, discussing matters, continually working on things and figuring out how to fix something brings a breath of fresh air to any situation. If you’re going through a difficult situation, pray that Christ would show His grace to you, so you can show it to others.
  5. HAVE DATE NIGHTS- I. Love. Date. Nights. They’re just so much fun and necessary! We have a great time at home, but it’s refreshing to get out of the house, leave the television, leave the chores and have some good one-on-one time. Our date nights have ranged from Carrie Underwood concerts to a simple cup of coffee at our favorite coffee shop. A lot of the time a date night doesn’t have to be extravagant to be fun! Making this time is so important and in the rush of life can be so hard. With our baby coming soon we’ve already tracked down a few babysitters so we can get out and have our alone time!

I hope some of these reasons can bring a little joy and laughter to your relationship! And to my sweet husband, happy 2nd anniversary! Thank you for choosing me to be your wife, making everyday so much fun and keeping me laughing through it all. I love you more than you will ever understand. I’m so so thankful I get to love you forever.

Bonus tip: Wives, make your husband cookies. Husbands love cookies.

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  1. Linda Losik

    How did you get so wise in just two years ? These are all great ideas , even for those of us who have been married 45 years.

  • Tank

    Jaynie Lynn I’m so proud you guys are growing together great job. Nothing better than being married to your best friend. Keep finding ways to make your marriage great Looking forward to seeing the next chapter. My first grandbaby.